Di Choi Metamorphosis

Di Choi Metamorphosis
Xu Guiping some contentment, spent much of the recent price Division Di Caigong her to sign a big star Carina Lau to do this heady Advertisement . This is like in the past can not imagine things. Carina Lau is the last sign of the large SK- such a big brand, and she is now complicated and confusing relationship with Tony lot of heated discussions. Obviously, now signed to give a high price for her endorsement fees, but Xu Guiping think that it’s worth: “do the brand, we will be taking this step.”

Live Daily Chemical Industry, no escape from a magic circle endorser. Xu Guiping can not escape convention even though she created a hard color brand Di Hair Care Areas discharged to the top three, but the absolute advantage in the multinational cosmetic industry, there are no major stars in the TV On his face and shouted, Proxy Business and Consumption Who have less to buy it. Conservative in the marketing strategy for many years, Xu Guiping suddenly felt the original set of practices that can bring great development to the di color. The past two years, Di has been the performance of color tepid sales of mostly hovering in the 200 million yuan. Di-color original and the starting line of the pull stand with aromatic, well Di, gracefully have been out in front, allowing Xu Guiping some worry that she wanted to break the previous situation, in 2008, with a few good fire will burn Mong Cai Di .

Di color going around in circles to seek a breakthrough in the process, as Ling Zhijun “China’s New Revolution,” a book said, which “includes a wise move and it’s folly, but also its chaos and order . ” Why do we choose to analyze di color as a case, because it largely reflects the growth state of a local brand, from its more companies who can see the shadow.

Good day The eyes fixed on a segment Sike, is a common interpretation of the strategic focus. Is very long-term focus on a particular person can do, which requires adequate and sufficient patience to judge, but also suffered setbacks in the post, as always, adhere to. Some companies are in the process of growing up too many temptations, but the foundation for the original to give up this easy; while some companies in exchange for a better future with adhere to, but because it is too conservative while wandering and lost opportunity. Both companies often committed two errors, adventure seems more likely, but the real danger is the latter.

2000 di color before and after, as has been the dream candy to children, some happy, have some pride. In the previous two years, eating the first color in the gel Di crab tasted the sweetness of the water in the field. In others view, Di Cai mainland China launched the first gel water, should also be a market leader in this segment. Years ago gel water market is a blue sea, neither too many competitors, not much technical content. Is involved in too early, let Xu Guiping doubting: it can continue to do so is a big market? If such a giant Procter & Gamble to Obtain And how?

Wound up from the blue moon out for long, capital is very limited Xu Guiping, to devote the next hard-hearted toward the water gel is not easy. The sky in 2000 has begun to change, although this time it has been sold at various shopping malls in second place, but some of it Zhaojiabuzhu competitive situation. Bons, well Di, gentle strength and other manufacturers began to form the most well this market, especially the silk treasure the beauty of Tao’s most fierce attack, which hit the banner of professional hair master, around conquering a city, seize high. This had to let Xu Guiping Heart emotion. Di color like opening a Pandora’s box of baby, it’s glory come to us, but the pain has followed.

If to Kunming, the local residents of the long-silent brand in mind. Di a decade ago in the border city of color opened the door to the dream. Kunming is an excellent land, and many cosmetic brands became a hit here. Dynamic 28 year group on their last legs when they belonged to a base camp here? Shipped here each year it accounted for nearly one third of all sales. Kunming transport facilities, freight charges, the market is not. Is due to this, most of the big brands will market it as a tasteless, but this young bull for Di color, here is an excellent testing ground? Successful, nationwide, by extension; fail, no harm the overall situation. No big small town, who wound up in Kunming, but eager to fashion a relatively closed, deliberate on the market, Di won the prize as one piece of “small” market, for which Di Choi Bao sent a group of high-quality imitation silk hair consultants in all Large supermarkets camp, Kunming people always in the shopping while inadvertently persuaded by the superb hair consultant capacity and good results have moved the product.

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